Sunday, 1 September 2013

Still here...

Just so you know, I have a court date for 26th September 2013.  I haven't gone away.  Meanwhile the investigation into the criminal activities of Rundles (for which SGC is also liable) goes on. 

Dear DI Stainer,

I have contacted the Secretary of State at the Department for Communities/Minister for Local Government, Mr Brandon Lewis MP.

Below is a photo of the pertinent part of his letter.

The precise regulation is here...

45.—(1) Where a liability order has been made, the authority which applied for the order may levy the appropriate amount by distress and sale of the goods of the debtor against whom the order was made.

That is to say that the "levy" of my Audi is not by any means the "appropriate amount", for fees which are not even provable.  You may add that to the list of charges against Rundles.

Many thanks,

Peter North.