Saturday 18 January 2014

Police: A warped sense of priorities

Plod:  In it for the money.
Someone said something mildly offensive on Twitter today.  The police are now investigating.  "A Police Scotland spokesman said: "Any reports of racist, offensive or abusive comments made online will be thoroughly investigated and those responsible will be brought to justice. "

But if you threaten to break into someone house and confiscate their belongings without lawful authority and extort unlawful fees - that's fine.  National epidemic of bailiff fee fraud?  Nah...  Not remotely interested... Throw the book at the victim instead.   Too busy fitting up Tory ministers and thought-policing on Twitter.

Meanwhile there is evidence of dangerous community divisions where the police have no idea what is going on in their own back yard.  What exactly are we paying these people for?

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