Monday, 14 April 2014

A toxic cocktail

On Friday I received a reply to my letter to South Gloucestershire Council.

In a word: bullshit.
As predicted Mrs Williams has upheld the charges for the phantom visits.  She has asked the bailiffs if they think they are wrong, and unsurprisingly, they don't think so.  This is akin with asking Mr JT Ripper if he's murdered any prostitutes lately.

It is clear they have no intention of mounting any kind of investigation. The word of their bailiffs suffices for them, and our masters have spoken.  There are some deep flaws in her assertions. Delicious though they are, I do not wish to publish my observations just yet as I may rely on them in court, and don't want to give the game away.

My message to Bristow & Sutor and SGC is that if you think this £42.50 is due, then by all means you are welcome to try collecting it. Mrs Williams has already admitted malpractice but has chosen to take no substantial corrective action. I wonder how a court will view this?

This is now entirely typical of our parasitic public sector, to such an extent that even our MP's have started to notice.  "Britain will face another scandal like Mid Staffs, in which hundreds of patients died needlessly, unless there is a cultural “revolution” (in the public sector).  These are the findings of the Public Administration select committee in a report released today, highlighting a culture of hostility, defensiveness and denial where complaints are concerned.  It is not limited to the NHS.
"As things are, most people believe there is no point in complaining. The shocking collapse of care at Mid-Staffs hospital should be a warning to the whole public sector that too many managers in public services are in denial about what their customers and their staff think about them."
MPs found that managers are often in denial about criticism of the services they are in charge of and the public believes there is little point in making complaints, which is creating a "toxic cocktail".

It is just as well that South Gloucestershire Council recovery department staff are not NHS administrators.  Were that so, their hands would now be dripping with blood.  There are people now pushing up daisies because of low ranking officials like "Mrs Williams", who in their arrogance, indifference and incompetence cannot possibly enterain the idea that they may be wrong.  Their approach to complaints is that if they stonewall for long enough, the plebs will simply go away. I won't. I will give them a taste of that "toxic cocktail". See you in court.


  1. In a quest to find the root cause of all these lies, this collection of case studies was submitted as evidence to the Information Rights Tribunal that some lying policy must exist, of which copies have been distributed to all local authorities.

    Tribunal-Evidence – Council's Lying Policy


    It is generally council policy that once its formal complaints procedure has been exhausted the authority will not enter into further discussion or correspondence in relation to the issues raised, no matter how incompetently they’re dealt with and wrong its findings. Because of this there will be thousands of householders each year, who, after being caused injustice, are unlikely to receive redress because of council policy to prioritise protecting reputation over the rights of its residents.

    The evidence collected and detailed in this document consists of four case studies. Three are in connection with councils......"

    1. That was EXACTLY my experience.

  2. I thought I'd share this email from North East Lincolnshire Council; the latest of many mule-like responses to a request that a formal complaint surrounding unlawfully imposed, inflated Magistrates' Court costs be dealt with by someone other than the person who had dealt inappropriately with a previous complaint:

    "From: Res - Customer Services
    To: Tom
    Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2014
    Subject: RE: Formal Complaint

    Dear Mr Bola

    Thank you for your further correspondence. As you have indicated you are not happy to co-operate with the complaints process as established in the North East Lincolnshire Council Feedback Policy we are unable to progress with the investigation at this point. The fact that you consider North East Lincolnshire Council, the Local Government Ombudsman and several other organisations unable to objectively consider your complaints would indicate that any investigation and proposed resolutions will be unacceptable to you. The emphasis of North East Lincolnshire Council’s complaints process is to seek to resolve citizens’ concerns and where possible reach a resolution. For this reason any investigation would not be an appropriate use of officer time and resources at this time.

    I would like to draw your attention to the Feedback Policy, available on the North East Lincolnshire Council website:

    Compliments, complaints and suggestions

    Appendix A of the Feedback Policy details how the Council will handle ‘unreasonable complainant behaviour’. Actions and behaviours which may be considered to be unreasonable include:

    A3 ii) Refusing to co-operate with the complaints investigation process while still wishing their complaint to be resolved

    A3 iv) Insisting on the complaint being dealt with in ways which are incompatible with the adopted complaints procedure or with good practice

    As communicated in previous emails, North East Lincolnshire Council is fully prepared to investigate your complaint should you wish to proceed. If so, please confirm and the investigation will commence from the day confirmation is received. Unless there is sufficient evidence provided as to why a particular officer would not be appropriate to carry out any investigation then this will be the officer currently allocated in line with the Corporate Feedback Policy.

    I trust this clarifies matters and identifies a way forward for your concerns and issues to be considered.

    Kind regards

    Information Governance, Complaints and Consultation"

  3. Notice that the scummy vermin have nothing to support their response:

    From: Res - Customer Services
    to: Mr Bola
    Sent: Friday, May 02, 2014
    Subject: RE: Formal Complaint

    Dear Mr Bola

    Further to your below emails.

    I wish to inform that I have reviewed your correspondence and the response sent to you by Mr Ian Hollingsworth. I am in agreement with the response that has been provided to you by My Hollingsworth and I support the view that there is no justified reason to change the investigating officer at this stage.

    Please note I will not be entering into anymore correspondence regarding this matter. If you remain unhappy with this decision please contact the Local Government Ombudsman, contact details can be found by using the following link.

    Kind regards

    Paul Ellis

    Team Manager

    North East Lincolnshire Council