Tuesday, 10 June 2014

House Guests

Just had a fat, thick, tattooed plod come to my house to shout at me, to categorically deny that bailiff fraud is police business. I read out the following ministerial guidelines...

"5.8 The Government consider that any fraudulent practices should be reported to the police as a criminal offence under the Fraud Act and that Local Authorities should terminate any contract with companies whose activities are proved fraudulent."

He kept raising his voice shouting over me as I tried to explain, yelling "It's a civil matter". I got the message loud and clear that the police are not in the least bit interested in taking on a massive epidemic of fraud, so I basically told him to get lost because nothing he said is anything I didn't know already: The police have no interest in upholding the law.

I showed him the ministerial statement and he replied "Well the minister can represent you in court then can't he?"  He then got aggressive and said "You can take a pop at me if you want and see how that works out". He has been outside blocking me in for the last twenty minutes.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the face of our modern police force.  "La La La, we can't hear you". It's a shame that plod didn't have a lapel camera because I would have his badge for that. Wilfully disregarding ministerial instructions is pretty gob-smacking even from Avon & Somerset's knuckle-draggers.


Having complained about this individuals conduct, his colleague (yes, the police investigate themselves) stated that the plod in question was "scared that I was going to push him down the stairs". On reflection, I probably should have. That is the contempt they deserve.


  1. Pete, all plods want to do these days is to capture people for any reason to enhance the number of fines levied and keep the failing justice system funded.

  2. A similarly hideously decorated motor vehicle is displayed on the second picture of this article. I have reservations, however, as to how long the comment will last which is uncomplimentary to the Local Authority and the Local mafia (Police Force)

    "In support of the residents of Albion House, I have just hurled through one of the windows of the Municipal Offices (of which I hope is the scummiest occupier) a carrier bag inside of which is a weighty granite object accompanied by a note reminding NELC of the way it rides roughshod over the wishes of the Borough's residents (Scartho Baths is just one example) and a letter to the constabulary that if it is thinking of taking the trouble to forensically obtain finger prints to establish the thrower, that the consequences for Humberside Police abetting a multi £million mafia racket would divert much more attention from posting the brick."

  3. http://stopstigma.co.uk/blog/my-experiences-of-the-police-and-as-a-police-officer-suffering-from-depression-and-prejudice/
    Colour me not surprised.